Friday, April 22, 2011

16058 W Jefferson St

The good points: It's in pretty good repair and has shutters throughout. It has a diving pool, not just a play pool and it has lots of landscaping.

The bad points: All of the landscaping has been neglected for probably a year or so and is in desperate need of attention. Some of the plants have died due to lack of water. It's hard to tell what condition the pool is in because the water is very swamp-like. However, swampy water is actually better for the plaster than no water and the chemicals required to fix it are cheap.

The house to the west is a short sale and is under contract. The last list price was $90,000 and it is 400 sqft larger and has a pool. The house to the east is a short sale that is currently listed at $89,000. It is 200 sqft larger but doesn't have a pool. The house catty cornered to it (across the street, one lot west) just sold for $87,500. It was 200 sqft larger but did not have a pool.

On to photos...

Front walkway. Most of the plants looked salvageable, although very overgrown and in need of pruning.

The only shot of the front of the house I took, not sure why.

To the right of the front door, dead palm and overgrown vines.

The living room window to the left of the front door.

The formal living room (standing on the landing to the stairs)

The formal dining room

Standing in dining room, looking towards front door & stairs. Formal living room to the right.

Standing in family room looking back towards kitchen. First door on the left is the laundry room, then the built in pantry, then the 1/2 bath.

Family room

Standing in family room looking back towards the patio door.

Laundry room, pantry, bathroom

Drywall damage in hall between front rooms and kitchen

The bathroom under the stairs (where normal people put storage or build in a pantry)

The rest of the bathroom

Master bedroom. Ummm, I'm going to go with the belief that the owner is an avid stargazer and not some sort of creeper checking out the neighbors. Yeaaaah. ;)

Master bedroom, looking towards bath.

MB shower

MB closet

Bedroom #2

Bedroom #3

Bedroom #4

Upstairs hallway, linen closet at the end. Master bedroom is to the right, bedroom #4 is to the left. Main bathroom is the first door on the left.

Main bathroom upstairs.

Garage with built in cabinets

Wired for light or fan (or both) on patio

Standing on patio looking toward east side of yard

Standing on patio looking toward west side of yard

Side yard on east side

Standing on patio looking out to pool area.

It is a diving pool (and a jungle!)

Ahhhh! So refreshing ;)

Pool mechanics

West side yard with AC

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