Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sunday, August 14, 2011

1779 S 225th Ave

The good:

Lots and lots of space and the individual rooms are large. Closets are large, the pantry is large, even the laundry room is over sized. Three car garage. The kitchen and family room overlook the huge back yard and there's a nice patio that covers two-thirds of the back of the house. Cabinets are upgraded throughout and flooring is neutral tile and carpet. Carpet could stand to be cleaned but otherwise seems decent. The house seemed to be in pretty good repair from what I could see. You'll still want a whole house inspection of course since the professionals know so much more than I do. The power will need to be turned on for it and I'm not sure if the water was working, I didn't check.

The yard. The lot is huge and the back yard is a large portion of it. The previous owner spent over $40k having the pool with built in spa, fire pit with seating, decking and walkways put in.

The location is convenient to a major highway (I-10) but not close enough to have to listen to the traffic. It took me less than ten minutes to be on the highway. Hiking in the White Tanks is fairly close by if you like hiking.

The bad:

Two broken windows. One is a cracked window in one of the bedrooms and one is the patio door off the kitchen/family room. Replacing them could be $500-$1,000 altogether.

Entire house is painted in colors that are specific to the tastes of the previous owner. Mint green, cantaloupe orange, pink. So, yeah, lots of paint inside.

The yard, while wonderfully sized and partially done, does need some additions. The grass probably just needs water but the south side of the back yard could use some trees, bushes and flowers. The neighbor to the north has the right idea, lots of trees & greenery render his backyard almost completely private.

It looks like the top rock of the pool waterfall got shoved into the pool and is currently laying there. You'll need to have a pool guy come out to remove the debris and most likely repair any damage caused by it. Getting the entire pool re-done could be $5,000, but just repairing a small area should be substantially less. You probably want to get him/her out there to give you a quote when you have the whole house inspection.

The pictures, starting out back this time.

Standing on the north side of the patio looking out to the yard. Pool straight ahead, fire-pit to the right of that, lots of space to the right of that for adding some trees.

The rocks in the bottom of the pool. They will need to be removed and any damaged pebble-tec will need to be repaired before water can be added. The spa is on the left, not sure why I didn't take a picture of the spa. Built in table and rock waterfall on the right.

Standing by fire pit looking back at pool. Spa is on the left side.

Pool equipment.

Fire pit with built in seating by the pool

Close up of fire pit

Looking over the fence behind the fire pit into the church parking lot (I'm standing on the seating for the fire pit.) The nice thing here is that while you can see over the fence into the parking lot, the church lot is actually lower than the home's lot so nobody can just walk up to the fence and look over it into the yard.

North side yard with RV gates

I'll be honest, I have no idea what this is. I thought it was a gas line for a bbq when I walked out the door and first saw it, but I got slightly confused when I got closer. Unless they planned on chaining up their grill to prevent it from escaping the gas line I am at a loss for what this is.

Two AC units on the south side yard. Since there was no electricity I can't say if they were working or not.

Standing on the fire pit seating looking back. AC units on the south side, dead grass in the middle and plenty of space for some nice trees.

Walking in the front door, formal living & Dining room

Open & bright kitchen. Counter tops are granite tile (not slab)

Nice & large pantry

Huge family room

Broken glass on patio door

Looking down the hall towards the laundry room, office & main floor 1/2 bath

Large Laundry Room

Office in a lovely melon orange color.

Main floor 1/2 bath

The loft at the top of the stairs

The huge (mint green) master bedroom.

Master Bathroom Tub & Shower

Master bath looking towards the closet

Closet the size of some bedrooms I've seen

The other side of the closet

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 2 closet, looking into Jack and Jill bathroom

Jack and Jill bath, bedroom 3 side sink

Bedroom 3

Bedroom 3 closet

Bedroom 4

Bedroom 4 closet

Upstairs Full Bath

Bedroom 5

Bedroom 5 closet