Monday, March 21, 2011

2220 W Del Oro Circle

Formal living room off of front door

Master bedroom

Master bath - you don't see black toilets very often

Master bathroom shower

Ceiling in master bath shower, pretty sure that won't work

Standing in bedroom 2 doorway looking down the hall towards master (bedrooms 3&4 on right, main bath on left)

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 3-I believe that window is still intact, it's just covered with some weird fence thing.

Bedroom 4

Main bathroom

Standing in original family room looking back towards front of house (through the formal living room)

Original family room, I assume slider doors to patio are no longer intact

Family room toward the kitchen, looks like they were trying to "open it up"

Dream kitchen ;)

I'm shocked the dishwasher is intact

As well as the microwave

Large pantry

Laundry area

I got nothing. I wasn't dressed properly to go crawling through the rabbit hole to figure out where it led and it kind of creeped me out since it looked like it was actually behind the kitchen wall. Honestly, I was just excited that no junkies or transients popped out as I was trying to see in it.

Family room (possibly previously a garage/carport)

Family room, door in the far left corner goes to exterior.

Standing in family room looking back through the laundry room/pantry toward kitchen

Second front door, across from the first, it goes into what looks like a family room

Carport ceiling has been removed.

Roof shingles needing repair/replacement

Peeling paint on the siding

More shingle issues

Hard to see but I'm trying to show the pool equipment.

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